Things You Need To Know When Purchasing The Best Rice Cooker

It is said that on the market today, there is countless electric rice cooker with enough brand, category and the price. Do you know how to buy a good rice cooker to not panic in front of the solicitation of electronics center? This article will teach you a few rice cooker reviews that you should keep in mind when purchasing the rice cooker for the cooking.

What Is The Best Rice Cooker?

There are 2 types of rice cookers that are mechanical  and electronic rice cooker. A mechanical rice cooker is easy to use, even for children and the elderly, which is also affordable, quick cooking time, but it has only cooked and reheat functions.

On the contrary, the electronic rice cooker has the cooking modes preinstalled, which retains heat and keeps the good nutrition, cooking delicious food, but more expensive, long time cooking and quite complicated to use. If your family does not need to cook many different modes and want quick cooking rice cooker, the body should be selected. And if you need to cook porridge for children, soup or cook with taste, the electronic rice cooker is a great choice.

How To Buy The Rice Cooker?

The electronic rice cooker has a plethora of cooking modes and keeps good nutrition. If you are a busy person and can not choose the right time to cook meals for the family, simply buy pot with cooking timer function. Many pots have the timer mode from 6 to 24 hours, making the rice always hot, flexible and willing to correct aromatic meals.

Choose the kind of lid for the rice cooker depends on the needs of each family. The left lid is easy to clean up; the tuck lid is able to retain heat better.

The Capacity Of The Rice Cooker

When buying the rice cooker, you should pay attention to selecting the volume of the pot to ensure to be suitable for people of your family. The pot with a greater capacity rather than the demand will not be supple and delicious rice compared with the rice cooker with an enough capacity accordingly.

If families have 1-2 individuals, choose the pot of 0.6L – 0.8L

If the families have 2-4 people, choose the pot of 1L – 1.5L

Families with 4-6 people, choose the pot of 1.8L – 2L

Families with 6-8 person, choose the pot of 2.2L – 2.5L

The Shell Of The Rice Cooker

The genuine shell of the rice cooker is always smooth, sharp, clear text and patterns. Do not buy the pot with bark peeling outer coating. These pots can scratch due to careless transportation, but the peeling bark is due to the poor quality of the product.

The lid must be closed and match the body of the rice cooker itself. The rice cooker with the lid not closed will cause losses too much, not delicious and power consumption than that of the standard type of pot.

Electric Plug To Check Lights

It should be noted carefully the types of screws of the pot. The screw must be shiny, new, new stainless with a good quality.

Heat Pan And Platter Heart

The heat pan should not scratch or peel enamel. It is the best to take the kind of non-stick enamel, which is soft, strong and easy to clean up. Many pots with enamel prone to drift after repeated use, making sticky rice, or more serious, rusty iron layer will produce chemicals, which are not good for users.

Smooth Pot Lap And Peeling

Heating coils must be sure, shiny, stainless, flat bottom, not lumpy. If heat wheels have the shaken signs, you should not buy, because the heat wheels will decide directly to the heat transfer capability, which is one of the most important parts of the rice cooker.


When buying the rice cooker, so choose the brand of genuine, reputable dealer with warranty to ensure the best quality as Sharp, Panasonic, Toshiba, Bluestone. The Chinese rice cooker with unknown origin are often sold at very low prices, but the quality is not good, and often are made from materials that are not safe for health, and also prone to hit the circuit, failures, fires, explosions, very dangerous for the user.

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