These characteristics of the use of lawnmowers

Based on The intended purposes of working is to cut grass little bush, weeds, clearance, thicket, trimming small trees, we will choose a suitable lawn mower. Mowers should be a machine used conveniently, comfortablly, productively to protect the environment. Best push mower should be Husqvarna machine – high-capacity machines, rotation and fast acceleration.

  1. General comments:

Generally, it depends on the size of the lawn area because the importance is that the machine has many different mowering widths. If the lawn area is covered with many obstacles such as trees, bushes, it is important that the blade width must be small enough for the machine to slip through the narrowest places. In the mowers Husqvarna products we have launched a couple of blades from 77 cm to 137 cm.

It allows you to achieve the best result in pruning glass by utilizing the most suitable cutting technology for your lawn. Gaderners shoule Choose the kind of device accompanied with a grass collector bin when you want to collect all the grass mown. To prune lawn quickly and efficiently, gardeners had better choose the machine able to cut grass and spray aside. Moreover, workers Just need to switch the mode of BioClip® to cut and cleave grass when they woule like to fertilize the lawn. By adding accessories from a wide range of accessories available, you will  own a versatile mowers, which is able to operate throughout the year in various tasks.

  1. Outstanding Features:

With manned lawnmower, garderners should concern about accompanying a collect bin with the machine.  When they implement operations to prune lawn in areas of high and coarse grass, the most suitable type of lawn mower is that it can cut and spray grass cut aside. A lawn mower droven should be comprehensively integrated functions such as it might turn cutting glass into collecting grass, cutting with cleaving  grass and cropping with spraying, which suit each area of the lawn.

Especially, the lawn mower must equiped with  the  split grass technology bioclip in accordance with the standard. Otherwise you should purchase additional collector bucket equipped with a lever as standard bioclip mode of cutting . The type of manned lawnmower can be usually accompanied with 2 or 3 bins for collecting grass. Because the lawn mower equiped with the grass collector bin without the part of separated protection beside the cutting board, we can work in smaller places compared with the areas used lawn mower of cutting and spraying grass aside.

The mower set up by operating systems with manual control is often difficult to control than those  with operation system of  hydrostatic because you have to stop the machine whenever you change the number. Hydrostatic drive system allows to regulate the numbers even while the machine is running.

  • There are two solutions of  hydrostatic transmission. For maximum comfortable result, garderners should choose grass cutting machine set up by drive systems operated by pedals, which people can adjust the speed and direction of  pedal to reverse to proceed. Others are kind hydrostatic control lever. Lever is placed at the guard part in the front, which is easy to be accessible from the driver’s seat.
  • Our mowers are equipped with a variety of accessories to increase the purposes of jobs  year-round. For example, people can take use of grass collecting bins for collection of leaves,  head part of raking moss, plow, broom for raking grass, brooms, raking blade of snow or  head part of brushing  snow to clear a path or walkway year-round and carts help your gardening become easier.
  • The use of push lawn mower running on 220V has collecting bins of grass will be much more convenient.  It does cause no fuss, no much effort to gather grass, no long rest as portable lawn mower or shoulder-electric lawn mower.

  1. The roles of lawnmowers

– Do Mowers not only help you take less time to prune grass, but it also creates the  high efficiency

– For large farms, the pruning or trimming grass or clearing bush  is relatively heavy and difficult work

– Using the lawn mower is the optimal solution to help reduce fatigue thanks to the clever motor and light weight as well other various features. Imagine the scene you had bended back throughout the day to cut and prune grass, which would make you feel more uncomfortable compared with using a lawn mower to stand up and put the device to the lawn area needing cutting.

– The efficiency lawnmower has brought is easy for you to see  clearly and regconize it.

– Lawn mowers are so useful that you can replace iron grass blade or serrated grass blade to suit the characteristics of grass and gain the highest yield.