The paramount importance when buying a drill

Drill today is a very common items to be included in the work as; make furniture, fix things in the house, outdoors, even in the construction work. It is a specialized tools for drilling, screw, remove the screw.

It can work on all types of materials such as concrete, steel and wood … We send you some important things to know to help you no longer confused when choosing to buy a portable drill. You can read drill press reviews to know more information.

  • Ask what are your needs when buying Bosch drill?

Before you decide to buy a Bosch drill, you consider whether your business needs are?

You need only to drill wood, bolted to the building will be different than you are in need of a hand-held drill to drill more work as wood, concrete drilling and chisel iron.

Sizes ranging in diameter or material that you need to do. Because the characteristics of each different job so manufacturers will design a drilling machine suitable for that job, and the price is also different. The first thing you need to determine your long-term to avoid waste when buying a drill inappropriate.

Some important features to consider when purchasing the drill. Drilling machine manufacturers will introduce you to the specifications of the machine. You should note that some of the following characteristics:

  • Criteria for you to take care

Hand drill type: This is the diagnostic characteristics tell you it belongs motivation drill line (impact drill) or hammer drill. This feature involves the use of machines.

Power plant: This value, said capacity of drill work, the greater the value, the ability to drill holes bigger and healthy. You need to select the appropriate capacity because then you will prolong the life of the machine to avoid overworked or wasted.

Control Type: You should buy machines manufactured according to the latest technology is now a machine with electronic control, stepless speed control and function backward and forward. This is very tiring if you are stuck drill that drills.

Uses: Specifications will tell you about the size of the largest diameter drilling work with materials such as wood drill, metal, or concrete walls.

Head pairs: If you exclusively used for drilling wood, iron, screw you should choose a pair of swivel head screw but if you specialize in concrete drilling should choose the first alternative pair rapid tooling.

Type Power: You can select the type of battery lithium if you need to move away or not, you choose the type commonly used with cord.

After-sales service: This machine is the warranty like? Warranty period? Service center where you also need to learn to assess the reliability when buying.

  • Drill Bosch can meet for you

Currently on the market there are many kinds of portable drilling machines of many different companies, but Bosch drill is one of the oldest firms and reputed worldwide. Drill Bosch is a unique invention brings convenience to users a maximum, while ensuring safety and comfort in the work required to move and difficult areas.

Bosch has many types of portable drills, it is specifically designed to cater for every kind of work each has its own characteristics. Basically be divided as follows:

  • Classification by use

Portable drilling machine dynamics serves tasks like drilling walls, wood drill, drill iron, bolted. Capacity is classified according to the size of the hole diameter as well as the size of the drill as: 6, 10, 13, 16, 20mm …

Bosch GSB 13 RE Professional is the motive power drill small but are designed for strong power output with electronic circuitry for changing the drive speed helps you drill precise, constant power when changing change speed, rotate backward and forward drills convenience. In addition, it also has the handle and solid guidance when drilling.

Rotating hammer drilling machine serves for concrete demolition work: Bosch hammer drill specifically designed for drilling and vibration when accompanied dedicated tools when drilling holes aligned.

The Bosch GBH 2-18RE hammer drill line is small, the optimal design for the purpose of transporting both compact and work simultaneously while maintaining strength while drilling, portable software state machine, there adapter when drilling wood and steel. Working with a capacity optimized concrete drilling maximum diameter is 10mm