The Benefits of Owning a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan

The annual changes in the benefit structure in some Medicare Advantage plans can severely damage your budget for health. Many have had their expenses increasing while their benefits go downhill.

Medicare supplement plans on the other hand help you cover your healthcare expenses. Your supplement plan will automatically be adjusted from year to year to reflect changes in Medicare co-insurance and deductibles.

Choose your doctors and hospitals:

You have complete freedom of choice for your doctors and hospitals if you enrolled for an Original Medicare along with a Medigap insurance plan. You do not have to engage with provider networks or receive a referral if you need to visit a specialist. You can always go to any provider.

Other health plans can have local networks. Vendors can leave the network and join this network. This could prevent you from being looked after by the people you know and trust over the years.


Coverage is guaranteed to be renewable:  Enroll @

MA plans can revise their contract with the government each year. Each year, plans are completely discontinued. Displaced members now have to find another plan. Medicare supplement insurance plans are guaranteed renewable. The only way you can lose your plan is if you do not pay the premium.

Any hospital or provider will accept your Medicare supplement if they accept Medicare.

All hospitals and providers that accept Medicare also accept your Medicare Supplement Plan. This does not apply to MA plans. A provider may choose not to participate in an MA plan, and even participating providers may choose not to accept new patients. Be sure to consult with your providers if you are considering a health plan.

Fully portable cover

Original Medicare covers you all over the country. Your Medicare supplement covers you wherever Medicare does. In fact, there are even plans that cover medical emergencies abroad. You can enjoy tranquility during the trip and a change of venue does not require an insurance change.

What about warranty problem?

There are circumstances that you can afford with guarantee issue rights in terms of Medicare Supplement Coverage. This means that you can apply for any Medicare Supplement plan and no health issues are asked. This right is valid when you are in the Open Enrollment Period and when you first qualify for Medicare insurance. There are also other times, for example, when you move out of the coverage area of ​​your plan, or when the plan stops offering coverage in your area, when you are on a group retiree health plan and coverage is discontinued and if you currently signed up for an Advantage plan and it’s your first enrollment in an Advantage plan and later you decide to revert to your previous Medicare plan. So long as you have enrolled in the Advantage plan for not up to a year. These are a few examples.

These are just some of the benefits of selecting Original Medicare together with a Medigap plan. You may qualify for a Medicare supplement even if you have pre-existing medical conditions.