How To Clean The Vinyl Record Effectively

After you buy a good record player, you will enjoy the great sounds from this device. In addition to the buying guide, you must also note how to use the device properly as this will help your turntable operate in the best condition. Of course, this also contributes to extending the life of your record player. Many turntable reviews give useful information on how to care the record player as well as how to clean the vinyl record. In this article, some basic tips to clean the vinyl record will be introduced. Proper storage tips will also be mentioned to ensure that the device can still be in good conditions some years later.

Using A Machine To Clean The Vinyl Record

A record cleaning machine to clean vinyl record effectively

If you spend a lot of money to buy a good record player, you should spend money on a cleaning machine. This machine will play an important role to clean all vinyl records. Moreover, this method offers the easiest and the best convenient way to clean the record.

In fact, there are plenty of undeniable benefits when using the cleaning machine for our vinyl records:

  • Firstly, this machine will suck the dust up so that it cannot exist in the groove or the surface of the record.
  • In addition, you will save your time a lot of time for cleaning a large vinyl record. It must be boring to clean a vinyl record without the record cleaning machine.

Cleaning The Vinyl Record By Hand

Record cleaning solution and the microfiber cloths

In some cases, you do not have the budget to invest a cleaning machine. Then, do not fear to clean your vinyl record by hand. Here are what you need to prepare:

  • To avoid affecting the record’s surface, you should use a soft and lint-free surface for starting this work. The safest choice is to buy a record cleaning mat.
  • Next, for wet cleaning, you need to prepare some tools and supplies. Depending on the number vinyl records you have, you can prepare the necessary quantity of the record cleaning solution. You will also need two microfiber cloths – one for cleaning and another for drying. If you do not want to use a cloth for many vinyl records you can buy in bulk. It is a good idea to not use one cloth over and over again as this can help prevent the dirt and the dust from clinging on other vinyl records.

Now, follow this step-by-step guide to clean the vinyl record by hand:

  • First, you spray the record cleaning solution for about 2 to 4 times on the surface of the record. Remember not to spray on the center label.
  • Then, you gently wipe its surface in a circle by the first microfiber cloth. It is better to wipe with anticlockwise motions. At this time, the liquid can penetrate the grooves.
  • Next, you can repeat the second step one more time.
  • After that, use another microfiber cloth to dry the record’ surface and you also apply this with anticlockwise motions.
  • Finally, you can repeat the steps until the vinyl record is clean.

Some Mistakes to Avoid In Cleaning the Vinyl Record

Vinyl Record Cleaning for Beginners

Using the cleaning machine and cleaning by hand are two common cleaning methods you can apply. However, there are a lot of mistakes people often make during the cleaning process. For example:

Using Tap Water And Dish Soap

As you know, tap water contains a lot of impurities (like mineral deposits) which can damage your vinyl record. You should not use it to clean your record. Also, the dish soap is not suitable to clean your vinyl record. It cannot clean your record well and can even make your vinyl record become worse.

Using The Wood Glue

Actually, using the wood glue method is to clean the vinyl record. Actually, many people use the wood glue method to clean the vinyl record. However, it takes a lot of time to remove the dried glue. You risk damaging your vinyl record if you do not peel off the glue carefully.

In summary, these basic tips to clean the vinyl records are very useful for owners of these devices. Cleaning the vinyl record properly also helps ensure the turntable’s smooth performance.