In the past, we had to chop the meat with hands in order to cook porridge or some delicious meals instead of eating boiled dishes all the time. Chopping took a lot of time so people did not want to use so much effort and time. However, nowadays, there are a lot of producers producing a grinding machine which helps us to grind meat much more quickly. Apart from meat grinder reviews on websites, this article, we will introduce some features and functions of a meat grinder.


  1. Capacity

The puree of the meat depends on the capacity of the grinder. The higher the grinder’s capacity is, the more pureed the meat is. It is recommended to choose the grinders which have a capacity of more than 200 Walt. However, we have to spend quite lot money to purchase a high – capacity grinding machine. Equivalently, your grinding will be quicker and more convenient.

  1. Materials

The most suitable material to make a meat grinder is stainless steel. The stainless steel knife blade will insure the safety of the meat grinded.

Almost every customer buying the meat grinder does not check all the qualification of the machine so a lot of people have bought products of low quality. This has an unwanted impact on customers’ psychology as they will give negative comments about all the grinders in general. That is why before buying a meat grinder, you ought to search the internet to consult some samples first then ask some friends for detailed advices or instructions so as to choose the good item.

  1. Designs

There are a wide variety of grinder designs. Almost all types are compact. Out of all types of grinders in the market, the multi – functional type seems to be the lightest. The handheld and electric grinders are made of stainless steel so they are quite heavy.

In terms of patterns, the grinders have very few patterns as people only take notice of its functions and quality so they do not care for the fashion or patterns on the machines.

  1. Hygiene

Cleaning the grinder is quite easy. Almost all parts of the grinder are detachable so it is very easy for you to do hygiene. However, you have to be watch out for the knife blade as it is very sharp. When the grinder works, it becomes hotter so after grinding, you had better wait for 30 minutes then clean it.

As some people often grind meat with some oil, the knife blade will maintain the oil on it so if you only wash the machine with water, it is not clean. Do not use dishwashing liquid as the smell and some chemicals can be kept in the machine. When we grind meat and eat meat, the chemicals will go into our intestines, which have a bad impact on our health. We just only use some boiled water to wash the meat grinder. We can drench all the parts of the grinder into hot water for around 10 to 15 minutes to wait for the oil being detached. After that we use a towel to wash the machine.


The main function of a meat grinder is grinding meat. However, if you want to grind some soft vegetable, garlic or onion, it is very convenient. If you buy a family meat grinder, you can use it every day to grind food materials instead of using money to buy available processed food.

With a handheld grinder, you can grind meat and other materials until you want to stop as you use your hands and you can control your force. With an electric grinder, it takes less time but you cannot make the knife blade of the grinder stop. The machine will automatically stop when it finishes grinding.

These are some common features and functions of a meat grinder. To support cooking, each family should equip a grinding machine to reduce the time and effort you need to spend. We hope that the information mentioned above will be helpful for you in terms of choosing to buy a best meat grinder for families. If you have any consideration or question, feel free to ask us!